Expressions, 2019


The events

This year, Expressions will be holding three events to build community around the following intersecting themes: survival, resilience, and healing. All will be informed by restorative approaches to justice and wellbeing, and aim to unify those attending in our collective experiences of each theme, in powerful reclamations of identity. These events promise to create spaces for love for and from ourselves as well as for each other. We are all surviving something. In the case of sexual violence, we want to hold space for nuance and recognition of the intersections between (and throughout!) it and gender, race, sexuality, ability, neurotypicality, and so on. The community we aim to create lives in our stories.

We will have trained counsellors and people with trauma-informed disclosure training in the space at every event.



I am a Masters student whose passions lie at the intersections between social justice and health equity. In 2017, I created an online platform for stories of pregnancy termination. My love for storytelling runs deep! Our stories demystify and humanize our experiences - important work in coming to see our differences as opportunities for learning. I believe storytelling is a transformative and restorative practice for tellers and receivers alike as we join each other in holding space for empathy, compassion, solace, validation, understanding, guidance, and healing. 

These events are not related to my Masters studies in any way.



I am a passionate feminist and advocate for equality and justice, informed by my experiences of abuse and trauma. I participate in speaking engagements across the country around gender, and am a published author with work featured in The New York Review of Books. The critical lens I use to understand the work around me is informed by my work as an Immigration Paralegal and history of sexual assault/abuse. I believe that storytelling is the perfect medium to connect people and challenge the binaries we have been socialized to believe we must fit into.