Who is invited?

ANY body and EVERY body is invited. Yes, that means you!

What should I expect?


This is an inclusive, live storytelling event, so you should expect to hear from an array of folk including but not limited to: cis and trans men and women, nonbinary and gender diverse, two spirited, queer and/or otherwise identifying individuals. As well as people of colour, of different ages, cultures, and abilities.


The experiences shared are real, personal ones. At each event, we encourage all event-goers to share their stories (but are not expected nor obligated to). We will have up to 3 pre-selected storytellers who will bring us into the space and draw us into our conversations about Survival, Resilience, and Healing.


This event is about coming together over our diverse expressions and interpretations of the theme. You are the expert of your own experience and yours alone, so please approach this event with mutual respect and humility. 

Should you feel uncomfortable, you are free to leave. You are not, however, free to project your discomfort unto storytellers nor event-goers. 

Participation & RSVP

See Contact page, here