Want to tell your story?

Wonderful! Welcome! 

What is involved?

If you have a real, personal story about your relationship with the central theme (i.e. survival, resilience, healing) you are invited to share it live.

You will be limited to 5 minutes, so please be sure to keep yourself accountable to that time when preparing your story. 

Stories can be told through whichever verbal form you feel most comfortable sharing your experience in, be it in prose, poetry, song, etc. They can be humorous, somber, reflective, encouraging, etc. 

Should you be interested in participating, please click here to submit your story pitch.

What is appropriate content?

What isn't?! No seriously, this is what is not appropriate:

Hateful language/ messaging

Heckling during the telling of stories

That's about it! This an anything goes type project. You alone are the expert on your own experience, so imbue your story with it!

If you're a person who loves the profane, put your fucking mark on it. If you're a person who has experienced harm, it is your decision to include that or not, but please always use trigger warnings. If you're a person who likes to express themselves through dress, get your best digs out because you will be center stage. 

If you require any accommodations, please contact us with the details.